My name is Marie Bilde Rasmussen. I am a digital publishing professional, with experience in a range of different specialized fields. Pruneau is my one-woman consultancy business, that I founded in 2014.

I specialize in strategy and operations regarding optimizing content, metadata and related workflows. I cover editorial and production as well as distribution. I help publishers streamline and improve publishing processes. I also teach about metadata work and metadata standards, on both strategic and practical levels.

Marie Bilde Rasmussen
Marie Bilde Rasmussen

I represent the Danish book industry’s metadata initiative group in the international steering committees for the ONIX and Thema standards, governed by Editeur.

Another specialty is “everything reference publishing”. I have been involved on different levels in nearly all important reference works produced or published in Denmark during the last 20 years, and have a very high knowledge about lexicography, most often with a digital perspective: I design, I implement, I formulate editorial principles, I edit, I digitize and convert, and I transform/produce/publish reference works (braodly speaking) in digital or physical formats.

I was very involved in the establishing of the ebook market in Denmark, and I have worked intensively with automated production of ebooks and automated distribution of digital books in denmark, which was maybe the main reason to my envolvment in the work with international metadata standards.

I am happy to work with large organizations. I also take pride in offering valuable help to smaller businesses.

From the jobs and functions I have held, I have come to know about most processes in modern media businesses. I recognize the possibilities and challenges in an industry hit by digital disruption.

The book industry faces radical change. Distinctions fade as readers become writers and everybody can be a publisher. Media companies become alike, all publishing in a wide range of formats..

Some of today’s main challenges and opportunities in publishing are:

  • keeping content available and reusable in different formats and channels
  • adapting to a market where context is more important than container
  • ensuring discoverability in a market characterized by abundance rather than scarcity.

In this constantly changing environment, I can use my natural talent for finding better ways of achieving goals.

I have spent my working years in the intersection between business and editorial on one side and IT on the other. My background in both technology and humanities allows me to communicate across the gap.