The backbone of contemporary sales and marketing work consists of robust, sufficient, precise and targeted distribution of books and their metadata constitutes. Without high quality, reliable, comprehensive and updated metadata, neither retailers nor customers will have a chance to find your book among all the other books on webshops and in industry registries. The implementation of a manifest and clear strategy for metadata handling and for distribution processes can save you a lot of time and increase the quality of your metadata, e.g. by eliminating redundant processes and data inconsistencies. It will thus enhance the chances for your books to perform well in the market. This is true whether you are a publisher, a retailer or an aggregator. Good, timely and available metadata are the prerequisite for the automation of distribution, marketing and sales, if you want to supply every book with the best possible conditions, without unnecessary effort. A setup of this kind, will let your employees use their skills and spend their time on marketing and selling books that actually need that extra focus and care, instead of keying in metadata updates into different industry systems or emailing about necessary updates or missing information to relevant retailers, publishers, aggregators, etc. Would you like a short introduction to why and how metadata are an important key in your sales distribution activities? And a talk about how the handling and workflow we establish around their creation and distribution can be approached? Contact me and let’s make an appointment.